Private lessons are not required before taking the entry-level CMSP MTC. However, some people learn better one-on-one. Some say it is better to invest the time and money for a 90-minute private lesson to decide if riding a motorcycle is really something they wish to pursue. You will know after one lesson if this is something you want to continue to do! We have dedicated the following dates to offer private lessons to anyone who may have been thinking about taking a class, but may not be ready to invest three days to find out. All private lessons include use of a training motorcycle and helmet.

Book Your Private Lesson Now! (Includes use of Motorcycle & Helmet)

Westside Motorcycle Academy offers private training for new, re-entry and experienced riders. Use one of our bikes or ride your own. Custom packages available. Private lessons do not count as credit towards or replace CMSP MTC. Participants must wear sturdy boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants.

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INGLEWOOD: 3208 W. 85th Street Inglewood, CA 90305

Private Motorcycle Lesson Inglewood