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Range Location

Range 1: Wednesdays/Fridays
Range 2: Thursdays/Saturdays
Check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ride time!

What do I need when riding the motorcycle?

To participate in the riding sessions, the following is required:

  • Long denim pants or material of equivalent durability (no holes, cutouts, sweats, or tights).

long pants

  • Full-fingered leather gloves that cover the fingers and wrist or motorcycle specific street riding gloves.

Screen Shot Gloves

  • Sturdy shoes or boots that cover the ankle required. (No spike heels, platform shoes or cloth shoes permitted.)

boot 2 okboot 3 okunacceptable boot

  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket.

long sleeved shirt

  • Eye protection (sunglasses, eye glasses, goggles, and/or face shield).

screen shot sunglasses

  • There are no lunch breaks, so bring a snack and plenty to drink!

food screenshotbottled water screenshot

  • Rain gear if needed. We ride rain or shine!