How can I get in a class?

Enroll Online for Inglewood Here:  3-Day MTC

Can I get into an earlier class on stand-by? Yes. 

Registered Riders: Yes.  If you have a paid reservation for a future reservation, you are welcome to come earlier. Come to any CR1 prior to your scheduled CR1. Bring a printed confirmation of your paid reservation. Once roll is called at CR1, you will have an opportunity to get into an earlier scheduled R1/CR2/R2 if there are any no show or late arrivals at CR1.

Non Registered Riders: Yes, you may attend any classroom one (CR1) session we teach without a prior reservation. You do not need to call in advance, just show up! Please email the office to get a link to download the CMSP E-Book prior to CR1. Any individual who arrives on time to CR1 without a confirmed reservation will be guaranteed a seat in CR1.  Stand-by students are offered riding spots based on availability. Non registered participants must be prepared to pay at CR1 and have a valid government issued photo identification.

How much does the course cost?

  • $425 for participants 21 and older.
  • $395 for participants under 21 years.

What are the requirements to be eligible to take the Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC)?

  • Be in good health.
  • Be proficient in riding a bicycle.
  • Understand basic written and oral English (or bring a friend/family member to help translate).
  • Have (and bring) a valid government-issued photo ID; e.g. License (any state) or Passport.

What do I need to bring to the Classroom?

Before Class Starts: Please read and sign these required forms: https://signnow.com/s/cKb8slBJ

  • Download and READ the CMSP Student E-Handbook prior to Classroom 1. CMSP Student Handbook
  • Participants under 18 need to have their parent or guardian sign the CMSP Waiver and have it notarized (UPS does it for $10) before emailing to us. If the waiver is not notarized, the parent/guardian must check the student into Range 1 in person. They must bring their valid government-issued photo ID and sign the waiver with the Instructor at the range. Once the waiver is signed in person with the Instructor, the parent/guardian may leave.

What do I need to wear when at the RANGE?

Range 1: Bring Valid government issued photo ID.

General Rule: No exposed skin while seated on the motorcycle.

To participate on the riding rage, the following attire/gear is required:

  • Jeans (without holes, tears or rips) that cover all exposed skin. Jeans work best or material of equivalent durability.
  • NO sweat pants, yoga pants, tights or leggings.

long pants

  • Full-fingered leather gloves that cover the fingers and wrist or motorcycle-specific, street-riding gloves.

Screen Shot Gloves

  • STURDY over-the-ankle boots or protective footwear that clearly covers the ankle bone.
  • NO Chuck Taylor’s, Ugg’s, canvas, elastic, tall heels or platforms permitted.

boot 2 okboot 3 ok unacceptable boot

  • A long sleeved shirt or jacket.

long sleeved shirt

  • Eye protection (sunglasses, eye glasses, goggles, and/or face shield).

screen shot sunglasses

  • There are no lunch breaks, so bring a snack and plenty to drink!
  • Rain gear if needed. We ride rain or shine!

Do I need a helmet or motorcycle to take the course?

  • No. We provide helmets and motorcycles for the CMSP MTC.
  •  Riders may bring their own own 3/4 of full-faced DOT-certified helmet.
  • We provide 125cc – 310cc training motorcycles.

How do I get a copy of the CMSP Student Handbook?

The CMSP Student Handbook is emailed to all registered riders during enrollment. CMSP Student Handbook

Do I have to be a certain height?

We have no minimum height restrictions. However, riders are required to be able to touch both feet to the ground while straddling the motorcycle. Riders must also be able to hold the bike up when stopping or walking the motorcycle. We have motorcycles with low slung seats suitable for people who need to be closer to the ground.

Can I ride my own bike?

Students can use their own motorcycle, as long as it is 500 cc or less. Additionally, the bike must be 400 lbs (or less) and/or have a seat height of 30” (or less). Exhaust or pipes that are too loud cannot be ridden. Sound issues will be determined by the Instructor on site. Current proof of insurance (minimum required by law) will need to be provided prior to riding on the range. The motorcycle must be in mechanically sound condition and approved by an Instructor on site.

Are course fees refundable or transferable?

No. Westside Motorcycle Academy enrollment fees are not refundable for any reason. If a student is late or does not attend any part of the classroom or two riding sessions, they forfeit their confirmed class and/or riding times to a standby student who is on time. Any student who shows up late or does not show for any reason (illness, injury, work, etc.) may complete the course on a standby basis for a $100 fee up to 60 days from the original class start date. Course fees are not transferable.

What happens if I’m late or don’t show for a class?

Students are expected to be on time. If you are late to any portion of the course, you may lose your reservation to a standby. If you are late to a riding session or arrive without the required gear (i.e. sturdy over-the-ankle footwear) you will be asked to leave the range. If you are asked to leave due to a late arrival (or not coming with the required gear), you can make-up the riding session on a stand-by basis for $100 (up to 60 days from your original class start date). There are no refunds.

What Is the pass rate?

Most students who enroll in the course pass the course. Not everyone completes the course the first time. The pass rate is approximately 80-85 percent. If you self-drop or are counseled out by an Instructor it may be possible to return for the riding portions on a standby basis for a $100 as long as safety is not an eminent concern to the instructor(s) and you complete the entire course within 60 days from the original start date.

Will I have to go to the DMV for my license after I pass?

Yes. All licensing is done at the DMV. Upon successful completion of the class, you will be mailed a DL 389 certificate. The DL 389 certificate may waive the riding portion of your motorcycle license test at the CA DMV. The DL 389 certificate is mailed out within 10 days. Typically it is mailed 3-5 days after completing the course and can take 7-10 days to receive in the mail. Schedule your appointment with the DMV accordingly.

Can I take the course with an out of state license?

Yes. As long as your license is valid, you may take our course. Those individuals with an international drivers license are also eligible to take the course.

Do some companies reimburse you for classes?

Yes, some dealerships and manufacturers may offer a rebate program to encourage you to take a safety course. Two current promotions:  Long Beach BMW Motorcycles and PCH Powersports will reimburse students course fee under with certain purchases.

How about discounts on insurance?

Many insurance companies offer a discount for completing a formal motorcycle safety training course.