Ready to get TRAINED & LICENSED? 

Riders who pass a CMSP course earn a DL 389 for the California DMV

All CMSP Classes $350

 Intermediate Riding Course Tues. March 14th : 1-Day PC

                 (For Experienced Riders)

 Beginner Motorcyclist Training Course March 13th-16: 3-Day MTC

                   (Beginning Riders)


 MTC REQUIREMENTS: 3-Day, 15-hour pass or fail course. Designed for riders with no prior           experience. 2 Classroom sessions (via ZOOM)  + 2 Half-day riding sessions (Inglewood).


NO LATE ARRIVALS.  REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds. RESCHEDULE POLICY: $50 reschedule with 7+ days prior to class start date.


COUNSEL OUT/NO SHOW: Riders may return 1 time on a stand-by basis within 60-days of class start date for fee. No reschedules.


1-DPC REQUIREMENTS:  Pass or Fail 8-hour course for experienced riders. Must be able to pass riding test to participate. Motorcycle specific jacket required. Please watch video for entry exercise. 


 * Students who pass the CMSP or 1DPC class earn a DL 389 Certificate, which may waive the riding skills test at the California DMV.